Textile printing and dyeing solutions since 1923

We have added a touch of color to our centenary! As of December 2023, Isocarbo is a Bluesign® System Partner.

Since 1923, ISOCARBO has been able to develop innovative products and sustainable technology solutions for the demanding textile sector.

Thanks to its significant expertise in dyeing and printing processes, ISOCARBO produces and offers highly technological and specific product range (disperse dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, pigments and all auxiliaries for pre-treatment, washing, steaming and finishing).

Deep know-how of the textile sector and unique experience of 100 years, investments in research and strategic industrial assets enabled ISOCARBO to continue its progressive industrial growth.

Today ISOCARBO is recognized as a leading competitor in the national and international market for digital inks.

Two strategic brands
for the new global market

ISONIK® for digital printing technology and KEMIK® for dyes and auxiliaries for traditional printing and dyeing processes have led Isocarbo to a targeted connection with the new global market.
Fashion, Signage, Sportswear, Home Decor and many more are the sectors where ISONIK and KEMIK develop innovative products and processes.

Flexibility and versatility in production, fostered by close relationships with customers and end-users, allow ISOCARBO to satisfy even the most demanding market niche.

Textile tradition

KEMIK® dyes for over thirty years have supported dyers and printers houses in the creation of high quality fabrics and yarns, suitable the highest market requirements.

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Digital innovation

ISONIK® offers standard and customized digital products worldwide. Its engineering and laboratory services are designed to meet the performances required by the most demanding global manufacturing actors.

Environmental Care

ISOCARBO successfully operates within sectors regulated by very high production and technological standards, in compliance with the most restrictive Health, Safety and Environmental guidelines.

Our certifications

ISOCARBO has integration and connection between skills and functions, enhancement of Company’s overall resources, as organizational principles.

ISOCARBO Integrated System implements tools such as Certifications and Accreditations in various application contexts, national and international Regulations, and in addition of it other voluntary, not mandatory Regulations. Altogether is the base for the development of Business opportunities.

Integrated Management systems

Products Certifications
Responsible care
Sustainability Initiatives